# Life as a Serial Generalist I have learned that, aside from the expertise that is necessary to do well at my job, I am not much of an expert. This fact has bothered me at times, but I am embracing my identity as a "serial generalist" more and more. Folks that know me well can attest to my constant adoption of the next hobby or interest, and like clockwork, its abandonment after about three months. I will go all-in on some topic, absorbing as much as I can, and then I will drop it in favor of something more captivating. If this habit can be counted as an affliction, then there are a few caveats that keep it from discouraging me too much. Firstly, while I am quick to disengage from hobbies and interests, I take responsibility quite seriously. I am not one to hop from one job to another or quit things at the first sign of difficulty. Like I said, I write code for a living, and I not only stick to it occupationally, but continue to push myself to get better at it. Another facet that is encouraging is the fact that I tend to stay fascinated since I don't stay with many things long enough to get worn out by the minutiae that line the journeyman's path. I get to experience all of the exciting draws and can appreciate from afar as I'm drawn away. Finally, there is a saying that I find myself repeating over and over lately: "No wasted lessons." I have found inspiration for programs from experiences with electrical engineering, or home improvement ideas from looking at the architecture in video games. The education of the generalist never clocks out. Everything informs everything. All experiences are applicable. So while I get down on myself for not being able to stick many things out, I'll accept my generalism and use it as not an excuse but a platform to experience the world in deeper ways. #learning #generalism #adhd