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# Why a new blog? _Posted at 27 February 2018 @ 2:44A_ I have had numerous blogs over the years, and have never been really happy with any of them. I love taking time to write, but the barrier to entry has to be very low or I won't be consistent. For this reason, I wrote this little blog application that uses markdown files as the blog posts themselves. The reason for this is that I typically take my notes in Markdown already, so it will be easy to sync the notes up to the server. Basically, I just wrote a basic PHP script that loops through the `notes` directory and pulls the first line of each file out as its title, and then uses [markedjs](https://github.com/markedjs/marked) to parse the Markdown from the file. I also love the idea of being able to host my own blog data on my own server in a transferrable format. Who knows when I'll change my mind again. Finally, this format makes it easy to post quick thoughts, which I'm hoping will help me break the need to post long entries every time. Here goes. **#writing #coding**