The Polaris-Away (A poem)

The Polaris-Away (A poem)

Beyond the Seuss and Austen books
But just before the nonfiction doors
There sat a note with a peculiar look
That never had been there before.

It was perched upon an almanac
For the year eighteen sixty-three
When I read it’s words, it seemed more that
It somehow sat there, reading me.

“You’ve waned cold and bored these last few years
And can hardly imagine anymore
Wonder and grandeur have escaped your ears
But your remedy waits through these doors.

The familiar old rows of nonfiction shelves
Were nowhere to be seen in that room
Birds and people surrounded myself
Then a man cried “We’re leaving soon!”

“Soon?” I asked the man nearest me
“Where to? And what is this place?”
“To worlds and dreams and marvelous things.
You’re in line for the Polaris-Away!”

Before I could ask the questions I had
A machine came down from the sky
It was great and thin with handles to grab
And I boarded without knowing why.

I could call it a ship or a boat or a thing
But the description I best can tell:
There were birds lifting with a million strings;
The moon and the stars were it’s sails.

We soared through time and space it seemed
Our stops were the subjects of books
First pirates, then peaches, then houses in trees
To a dragon that gave us strange looks

The trip must have lasted for hours or days
But I cannot accurately recall
We saw Narnia, Hobbiton, cities in space
And my wonderment grew with them all.

I knew, upon landing, I was ever changed
And I never would wonder the same
Imagination was stirred and my heart untamed
When I boarded the Polaris-Away.

I wrote this poem in 2015, when I was still a youth pastor. I also wrote a larger story to accompany the poem to explain salvation and election.